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It was born out of an over-coffee conversation between three friends in Lethbridge, Alberta.

While discussing the season of Advent, Ruth Bergen Braun, together with her friends Linda and Julie created the Advent of Gratitude.

Instead of receiving something, people are encouraged to give back.

Each day there is a suggestion for what people should be grateful for. From there they are encouraged to make a small monetary donation. For example, today the suggestions is to pay $5.00 if you've never had to experience life without heat or electricity. Once the list is complete, they are then encouraged to donate those funds to a charity of their choice.

Ruth Bergen Braun says it literally flew out of their hands and into the world.

"We've had someone from South Africa, someone from Sweden, someone form the United Kingdom, and someone from the United States, ask for copies that they could change the currencies and particulars in. We've also had someone from Hungary translate it into Hungarian."

Currently the Advent of Gratitude has been shared over 15 thousand times, with over 1.26 million people viewing it.

"I think it took off because people are so tired of negativity, that finally here was something that crossed their Facebook news feed that was positive and doable."

The Advent of Gratitude can be found on Facebook.