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A morning run around the park could help a family of refugees make Canada their new home.

Run For Refugees is coming up on June 3. The 5k walk/run raises money for a refugee sponsorship account, with the hopes of eventually bringing a family over.

The walk/run will take place at Kildonan Park.

"We aren't just some large organization . . . we are trying to raise the money to bring a family and hopefully settle them within our community," said Abraham El-Giadaa, who is heading up the walk/run. "If you want to be personally involved, you can be."

El-Giadaa says that he has family living in Libya who haven't got the same advantages as he has living in Canada. "We all get to live in a great country . . . we can't take everybody, but we should take as many as we can within our ability."

He also says helping refugees is important being as Christians, we need to help the poor. "These are some of the poorest people and honestly, some of the unluckiest people," El-Giadaa said.

Registration is due by Tuesday, May 23. It's just $20 for adults (14+), $15 for 3-13 years and $50 for families.