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There was portaging near Portage Avenue in Winnipeg today.

To kick off registrations for the Great Manitoba Portage -- a fundraising event that helps send underprivileged youth to camp -- a portage race was held at the University of Winnipeg this morning between local celebrities and kids who have attended camp with help from the Sunshine Fund.

Manitoba Camping Association executive director Kim Scherger says there's so much value in sending a kid to camp.

"One of our phrases that we're starting to work on is Camp is LIFE, and what that stands for is: Learn respect, Improve self-confidence, Feel a sense of community, and Enjoy new experiences," says Scherger.

The kids, students at Gordon Bell, were the winners of today's race, though they speculated the other team may have let them win; they also accused their opponents of cheating.

The students spoke about their experiences at camp, with Saypa Thaw saying it was really fun.

"I learned how to get along with everybody else and I became more confident. And it's just really fun being, you know, active out there," says Thaw.

Scherger says the Manitoba Camping Association has been sending about 700 kids per year to camps, but with this year being their 80th anniversary, they're aiming to send an extra 80 kids. She says that will mean more teams entered into the Great Manitoba Portage, which runs May 27th at The Forks. It costs $300 dollars to register a team of four.