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The City of Winnipeg wants you to save water and money this spring by checking your plumbing for leaks this week.

Residents in Winnipeg are being encouraged to check their plumbing this week for leaks. Many leaks occur in the bathroom and the most common are toilets and dripping faucets.

Plumbing leaks can cost customers hundreds of dollars every year. The Fix a Leak Week was created by the United States Envionmental Protection Agency's (EPA) WaterSense Program, to which the City of Winnipeg is a promotional partner.

In most cases, fixture replacement parts are inexpensive and pay for themselves quickly. It can often be installed by the homeowner, or you can get a plumbing professional.

The City of Winnipeg offers a checklist for Fix a Leak Week:

  • Check for leaks (e.g., toilets, faucets, showerheads)
  • Fix leaks immediately
  • Replace fictures if necessary with WaterSense labelled models

You can check for leaks by reading your water meter regularly.