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A community of churches came together this summer to run VBS for a community of children.

Around 50 kids showed up to this years VBS program in Fort Richmond. What makes the program unique is that it wasn't just run by one church.

Fort Richmond Baptist, Fort Garry EMC, Winnipeg Chinese Alliance and Converge Community Church all joined in to run this program. Love Lives Here even partnered with the group so the VBS program could offer a bus service.

The idea started with a trip to a Niverville VBS, which was community run and has over 300 children attending. Marla Friesen, VBS coordinator, wanted to bring the idea to Winnipeg, but wasn't sure how. However, one email connected her with another church very quickly.

"It was a total, total God thing," Friesen said. "[Fort Garry EMC's] coordinator had just sent an email saying they wanted to try a VBS and I had just sent an email saying I wanted try a VBS and a gal put us together and said 'you two should talk.'"

They shared their hopes with each other and it worked out perfectly. Things fell into place and the community VBS was started. 

The group has been doing this for four years now, averaging between 40 and 60 kids. Friesen believes that number will continue to grow as they look to reach more community kids.

"We're a small church," Friesen said, mentioning they only have twenty kids. "What business did we have trying to pull this off? We needed other people.

"This isn't about us. It's about reaching out to a community and the Lord is going to bless that."

Friesen says the churches have no plans to stop the program and will continue to work together to reach kids in the community with their yearly VBS program.