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Canadian Mennonite University is once again gearing up for their annual essay contest.

The contest is for all high school students. The school is calling for critical, engaging essays that address one of the following three questions: 'Should the voting age be lowered to 16?', 'Should schools be allowed to fail students?', and 'Are opinions based on faith valid in a secular country?'.

"I think this is especially important for Grade 11 and 12 students," said Lois Nickel, the Director of Enrolment at CMU. "They might be thinking about options for their post-secondary future, so it gives them a chance to see what we're all about, and to critically engage these questions."

First prize receives $300 cash plus $200 tuition, and second and third prize receives $100 cash plus $200 tuition. All submissions will be accepted until May 5. For all of the contest details, go to