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On Saturday, Life's Vision Manitoba will be hosting it's 2017 educational conference and banquet.

The non-profit, pro-life resource centre has themed this year's conference around Championing Children.

"I've just been preparing on how we raise a credible voice in society," shared Rob Parker, who will be speaking at the conference along with his wife, Fran. "One that's not just opposing everything, but [asking] what is a credible voice, and what really makes that something that people stop and listen to you."

The founder and director of the National House of Prayer explained his purpose in equipping people to practically engage their audience in what they are saying.

"It's really, I feel, important, that we hear this and that people realize that [they] need to train themselves in how they are perceived in society." Parker went on to discuss his desire for Christians to consider "proposing rather than opposing" in dialogue, especially when approaching the topic of pro-life.

"What can we propose to society that people might stop and listen to."

Parker's wife, Fran, will be touching on the economics of abortion and euthanasia during the conference. It's a hot topic, now that Canada has apparently just passed the threshold of having more people in retirement than active in the workforce.

"We've taken out nearly a third of our population of younger adults through abortion," Parker said, giving a brief preview of his wife's topic. "If those people had been wage earners, if those people had been contributors to society, where would we be now economically? Where would we be in regards to caring for those in retirement?"

Parker and his wife are both hard at work in Ottawa also with their ministry, the National House of Prayer. They are working to raise awarness in the church across Canada about involvement in government, as well as in decisions being made for our nation.

"We engage people [politically] and in prayer," said Parker, who encourages everyone to pray for good government.

Their presence in the House of Commons, though potentially largely unknown, assists in helping ensure that their ministry prays in a "relevant way", about current issues and events facing our nation. Some of these top issues of concern include modifications being made to Bill C-51, eliminating subsection 14 which prohibits the interruption of a church service, and the legalization of marijuana.

The Life's Vision 2017 Conference will be at Holy Eucharist Church (460 Munroe Avenue) on Saturday, October 14 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tickets are $10, and available at the door. You can find more information about the event here.

"Be willing to come and be equipped," Parker advised. "This is a critical issue of our day."

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