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A recent viral video of a dancing sign guy is making people smile, but Coltin Day was doing that long before he became famous.

Since starting his job at Little Caesars Pizza, Coltin Day has spent every shift dancing his way into the hearts of commuters along Regent and Plessis.

"My job, as my boss told me my first shift, was make yourself seen," Day said. "I asked if I could listen to music and when I put those two together, I figured 'I may as well dance.'"

coltin day 2Day spends his entire shift dancing and bringing joy to commuters...and staff...around him.He originally did it to pass the time, but after seeing so many people honk and smile at him, he started doing it to make people happy.

"After a hard week, a lot of people are negative sitting in traffic, so it's nice to have something simple to lift everyone's spirits up," Day said.

Dancing isn't new to Day, who has taken beginner classes in ballet, hip-hop and ballroom. He says the dancing he does on the street is a combination of everything, then he makes it his own.

The original Facebook video of Day has gone viral, with over 135,000 views and over 2000 shares since being posted just over a week ago. He wasn't expecting to become an internet sensation though.

"I see people with their phones out and think, 'hey, that's cool,'" said Day. "I've always joked with my friends that I'd love to become a meme or have that viral video go crazy.

"But actually having it happen . . . is something completely different."

His boss, Don Carpenter, had no idea what Day was going to do when Carpetner hired him.

"I knew that I had an enthusiatic young man come in," Carpenter said. "[I said] go head, listen to music as long as it's not too loud, because you have to pay attention out there.

"Five minutes later, we went and looked out at him on the boulevard and we were pretty blown away."

Carpenter says it's helping his buisness, not just in sales, but in morale.

"My staff, if they have a moment, they are sneaking a peak to see him dancing out there."

Carpenter says there is a lot of bad stuff going on in the world, but it's nice to see something like this that makes you smile.

But the fame won't change Day's job. "I'll keep doing it until people get sick of me, and even then, I'll just do it somewhere else or by myself."

The fame has led to job opportunities. While Day says that he can't actually fit these other jobs into his busy schedule, he might be able to make a full time career of dancing and waving signs. 

"It would be a little hectic running around from place to place, but it looks like [having full time work] could be an option," Day laughed.

coltin day

Day has an EDM 'mega-mix' that he put together, which he listens to while he dances. "I'm a very extremely part-time DJ," he joked.

There are times that Day doesn't want to dance, but he makes himself do it anyways, because it helps him stay positive as well. "I get that person who honks or who sticks there head out the window and waves, it perks me back up and I get into it not just 100% but 110%," Day said.

You can find the original video below, which was posted by Brittany Whincup-Parenteau. She says that her and her family often see him and smile as they drive by.

"We were parked at a red light and my boyfriend said I should record this guy. I started recording him," Whincup-Parenteau said. "Next thing I knew the jigging music was playing, which made the video funny."

She had posted it only to her friends, but someone suggested making it public so she could share it. Within a couple hours, it already had 30,000 views.