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It's May long weekend! Time to go camping! Check out five of our favorite camping spots around the province.

May long weekend is the first official weekend of camping for many people. Even though the weather rarely holds up, it feels great to get out of the city and out near the beach.

If you haven't booked a place already and youre trying to find the perfect spot, we have a list of some of the best camping spots inside Manitoba as chosen by you, the listeners.

Falcon Lake

falcon lakeEmily Christie

Falcon Lake is a beautiful lake that sits near the Manitoba/Ontario border. The campsite, Falcon Beach, is located at the west edge,perfect for watching the sunrise. Part of over 200 lakes inside Whiteshell Provincial Park, Falcon Beach is one of the best known campgrounds in Manitoba. It is not just beautiful with the entire campsite covered in trees. It's also convenient, located walking distance from the town, perfect for grabbing ice cream or forgotten camping supplies.

Steep Rock Beach

According to the website, "[Steep Rock Beach is] located on the beautiful shores of Lake Manitoba . . . [it] offers the most amazing sunsets and fantastic cliff and rock formations."

They are definitely not lying about those sunsets. Steep Rock Beach does require a bit of a drive, located three hours north of Winnipeg on the northern part of Lake Manitoba. However, sitting on the east coast, you get sunsets like the one above every clear evening.

steep rock 2(Steep Rock Beach)

Riding Mountain National Park

Riding Mountain National Park is located just south of Dauphin, Manitoba. It's 2,969-square-kilometre protected area is covered with forests, lakes, and even grasslands. The main campsite is Wasagaming, which sits on the shores of Clear Lake. 

The park is massive, consisting of 400 kilometres of trails. When you're tired from taking in the incredible scenery, take a dip in the lake that is just a clear as it's name says. The park is getting $6-million for infrastructure improvements, which will make it even better. Plus, Canada's 150th means free entry into all national parks.

Nutimik Lake

Another incredible campground in the Whiteshell area, Nutimik Lake is northeast of Winnipeg, near Pinawa. Enjoy the beautiful river and lake, or take a walk on the Trans Canada Trail, which runs right through the area.

A camper on RV Park Reviews said "we've camped all over Canada as well as the USA and Nutimik is truly one of our top 3 places to camp." Makes sense, considering everything inside the Whiteshell area is absolutely stunning!

Grand Beach

Grand Beach and Provincial Park in Lake Winnipeg in Fall 2008 Manitoba Canada 6(Shahnoor Habib Munmun)

If you haven't been to Grand Beach before, you're missing out. Incredible mountains of sand and a beach that stretches for miles on the shore of one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world, Lake Winnipeg.

The beach is only one hour north of Winnipeg, making it close enough for a possible day trip, but far enough that you feel like you're a long ways away from the city.

Do you agree? Which campsites did we miss? Let us know in the Facebook comments below.