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Another blizzard has hit the Churchill area, which has kept one Winnipeg student from coming back to school.

Edina-lil Preteau is a student at Canadian Mennonite University originally from Churchill, and she was looking after her mom's business in the northern community when the latest blizzard hit. All of the flights that she tried to get last night and this morning were cancelled.

"It's very windy and cold outside," Preteau said. "I can see down the street, but not much further than that. I've seen blizzards before, but never with the amount of wind that has pushed the snow into places it's not supposed to go."

Churchill weather

Churchill has been hit by two blizzards in the last three weeks, and the town has started to take a hit as well. A freight train carrying in groceries has not been in the town in the last three weeks, making food scarce at their only supermarket. 

"We're doing the best that we can using the food and resources that we do have," Preteau said. "The community is good at sharing amongst each other. If somebody needs something, another person has it and is willing to share."

Churchill is under a state of emergency, and the forecast is calling for five more centimetres of snow on top of the sixty centimetres that have fallen in the last three days.

Meanwhile, Preteau hopes to make it out by tomorrow. "We are just trying to survive," Preteau said. "We're really good at doing that, so we are trying are best."

The good news is that a train carrying supplies finally made it to the town on Monday, March 20.