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Six months ago, parents, Randi and Eric were told by doctors their infant son would not survive the night.

"We sat in a darkened room with our poor, sick son and a cardiologist... trust me when I say that I can still hear his words in my mind, "his heart will fail.'"

brody1Brody's cardiologist is so confident in his heart, she recently announced she no longer needed regular check-upsLittle did the Unraus know they were on the cusp of a miracle.

Not only did Brody make it till morning, but six months later almost to the day, their cardiologist announced she no longer needed regular check-ups of Brody's heart because of her confidence in his heart's strength.

"We are so thankful that God chose to perform a miracle in our little boy's heart," Randi says, adding it's something they never take for granted.

The miracle baby many doctors called "incompatible with life" continues to defy the odds against him. Born at only 25 weeks gestation, Brody entered the world at 1 lb. 11 oz.

Despite the many health challenges facing him, including being diagnosed with Short Gut Syndrome, Brody persevered and after spending most of his young life in hospital, last September the family was able to return home to Winkler together.

Since then Brody has continued to grow and heal.

"He continues to amaze us with how he is developing," Randi says. "He's staring into our eyes, lifting up his head, kicking his little feet and "standing" when we hold him up, making faces, eating baby food and sleeping longer stretches. Every little thing is so fun to experience with him."

She notes Brody continues to rely less on IV and oxygen, "there's a whole bunch of things we're seeing slow progress with, but they're definitely moving forward which is exciting."

Throughout the process, Randi says the community has been a support, and especially considerate of Brody's compromised immune system. Even her dentist made sure to switch shifts because she had recently had a cold.

"Everyone around us has been so good in telling us way ahead of time if they've been sick and getting their flu shots, everyone is working together and we just appreciate the understanding."

Even though there were times the doctors gave Brody a zero percent chance of survival, he's now 15 months old and will celebrate his "corrected" birthday February 17, according to his original due date.

"He gets two birthdays," Randi says.

Moving forward the family looks forward to eventually no longer need IV or oxygen support at all, and in the meantime enjoy Brody as a person, not a patient.

"We're trying to enjoy who he is, and not get caught up in the medical side of things," Randi says. "He's still a baby, he's smiling, he's learning how to hold his head up and we want to celebrate all those things too."

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brody8Brody will celebrate his "corrected" birthday February 17

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