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A combination of art and architecture enters its fifth year, and it's expanding.

The Cool Gardens is a public exhibition celebrating contemporary garden culture, public art, and local landscape. In Winnipeg, its sites now run from Main Street, through The Forks, to Provencher Boulevard.

This year features four returning pieces, and three new installations -- one by the Esplanade Riel in The Forks, one at Upper Fort Garry, and one in Brandon.hammock chvn"The Weave"

The Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative designed the new piece at The Forks. It uses a cluster of mirrors at various heights.

Boutin says the idea was to create a field of elements that could bend two entities.

"Which is, one: bending the ground into the sky, and the other one: bending the sky into the ground. And really gardens exist at that plane between sky and earth."

The Upper Fort Garry installation is be Rachelle Kirouac and Danielle Loeb. It's a large hammock, as well as canopies that mimic the tree foliage.