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It may be the middle of September, but today could be the perfect beach day for southern Manitoba.

Brad Vrolijk from Environment Canada says it will be a bit of a nail-biter when it comes to setting heat records today. 

Winnipeg's record for September 12 is 33.3 degrees. Today's forecast high is 32. 

However, Vrolijk also notes that the smoke expected to arrive today could interfere with the heat.

"It will certainly, at the very least, be hazy if not somewhat smokey," Vrolijk says. 

If the haze doesn't interfere too much then "record breaking heat is the phrase I'll be using much of the day," says C-MOS accredited weathercaster, Chris Sumner.

The record high for other areas includes 28.2 in Morden, 28.7 in Carman, and 26.9 in Sprague. "My gut is telling me that most official Environment Canada recording stations south of the Trans-Canada Highway will probably set new daytime highs today for September 12."

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