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Learn about the incredible things God is doing in the northern communities at Steinbach Bible College tonight.

The Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (NEFC) is making a stop at Steinbach Bible College at 7:00 p.m. tonight, along with musicians Kene and Milly Jackson, who travel across the continent sharing the gospel through their music.

Conrad Flett, known from the TV show Tribal Trails, is the chairman of NEFC and was excited about the night, saying they haven't had a chance to share the work being done in the north with the people in southern Manitoba.

"We're promoting our organization and bringing the north to the community," Flett said. "We've been working to bring the gospel to the surrounding communities and we just haven't had the opportunity to do what they call 'PR'."

Flett wants to introduce the community to the work God is doing through native people. He says that his relationship with Jesus is what pushes him and drives him. "He's the one that keeps me going."

This passion hasn't been a lifelong thing though, because Flett wasn't always a Christian.

"I went to drop someone off at [Calvary Temple] and they asked me to pick him up again," Flett recalls. "I just decided to wait at the church, and there I heard the gospel."

"God spoke to me."

You can talk to Flett and hear more about the NEFC tonight at Steinbach Bible college, 7:00 p.m. The event is in support of CJTL radio, a Thunder Bay radio station with a cross cultural ministry.

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