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The face and voice of the Winnipeg Police Service is moving on and told us about his experience and why the role was so important to the community.

Constable Jason Michalyshen has been the face of the Winnipeg Police Service for almost a decade and has had an amazing experience, but he says that it's time to move on and try something new.

"I've been in the unit for eight-plus years . . . the longest standing [Public Information Officer] that the service has ever had," Michalyshen said. "It was time to make a change."

He started his new job on Monday, which involves working in a joint unit with the Winnpieg Police Service and the RCMP. While he couldn't say much about his new job, he is excited to try something new, but sad to leave a position he has been in for a long time.

"I'm moving from a very high-profile role . . . to a position that's far less visible, and I'm exicted to challenge myself with something very different," said Michalyshen. "I've been very fortunate . . . it's a position that I was honored to have."

His favorite part of the job was connecting with the community and creating a bridge between the police service and the people that it serves.

"Having that ability to reach out to the public and share that information [is important]," said Michalyshen. "Sadly it's about a lot of unfortunate things . . . but it is about so many good things that are going on in our community as well."

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