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Sure, you could play catch or capture the flag, but why not try one of these unique games this long weekend?


Kubb is a very simple game that you can make yourself with a couple 4x4's, a 1-1/2" dowel, and a saw. The idea is to knock over your opponents wooden blocks by throwing the wooden batons at them. The game is described as a combination of bowling and horseshoes. A playing guide can be found here.

Gaga Ball

This easily addictive game requires a ball and an octagon that you can create with some 2x8's. The idea is to bat the ball towards an opponent and strike them below the knees. It's a fast paced game and can result in a great workout, since you are bending over constantly to hit the ball, which you can only hit with your hands. It's a lot like dodgeball, but maybe a little safer. You can find a list of official rules here.


Requiring only a phone and a need for some adventure, Geocaching is an incredibly popular family activity. However, it requires you to go off the beaten path as you search for small caches that have been left all over the world. There are 2,798 geocaches near Winnipeg, which means you won't run out of caches to search for.

Using your phone app, you track down nearby caches. Once you have found them, sign and date the logbook inside and then rehide the cache right where you found it. Some caches have an object inside, which you can take and hide your own object inside.

Plunger Ball

A youth game that involves a plunger and a foam dodgeball (or volleyball for older youth). It's basically baseball, with a plunger as the bat. There is no foul territory, the ball can be hit any direction. It can bounce first, or you can hit it out of the air. As long as you don't swing, it's not a strike.

Catching the ball off a hit is an out, or you can force them out on base. You can also hit them with the ball (though it's recommended that you only do that with the foam ball).


While this sport does not involve a pickle, it does involve elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis. Players use solid paddles to hit a wiffle ball over a net. It's played on a badminton court with a tennis net because the inventors of the game couldn't find a shuttlecock. 

Even better, you can actually find the game in the Paralympics. Who knows, maybe we'll see it in an upcoming Olympic game? Better start practicing now!