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Joy & Back is an opportunity to not only find a wedding dress and accessories for an affordable price but also to help support CancerCare Manitoba. 

Alli Mae Girardin, the owner of Joy and Back, explains, "I always think it's so important to give back on a daily basis and also as part of your wedding day." 

Girardin not only now runs the wedding boutique but is also a wedding planner.

"I found that so many of my brides were hindered by the high costs of a wedding... and this is just a great way to get involved and give back to the community as part of your wedding day."

Each dress has a story. Some were used once then donated for the cause, others have been donated, used, and donated back again, while some were donated for personal reasons. Alli explains that her favourite dress so far was donated by a close friend. It is her favourite not only because of its beauty but because of the story behind it. Joy and Back AlliAlli Mae Girardin, owner of Joy & Back

"Her father has dealt with skin cancer his whole life so it was really important for her to donate to the cause and this was one of my first donations I received when I opened everything and started this a year ago so it's really special for me and it just needs the right bride... and know that she's just contributing to something so much bigger."

Accessories such as veils, shoes, and jewellery are also greatly appreciated, with proceeds from the dresses and accessories going toward CancerCare Manitoba.

Joy & Back is located in the Exchange and is by appointment only. It is meant for serious interest, not for simply browsing to try on dresses. 

You can find out more on their Facebook page or Instagram feed.