For people and families looking for a perfect beach day in Manitoba, here at the top ten beaches, including some hidden gems. 

Jillian Recksiedler with Travel Manitoba weighs in on the best beaches Manitoba has to offer. The province includes 100,000 lakes and waterways so finding just 10 to pick from wasn't easy.

1. Victoria Beach 

"This is my absolute favourite beach in the province," says Recksiedler. "It's a great little beach community and they do welcome day trippers."

There is a stretch of beaches along the east shore called Beaches of 59 and Victoria Beach is one of them. 

With this beach, Recksiedler says that people have to park at the gate and then walk to the beach as their community of cottages doesn't allow vehicles past a certain point. This makes it available for cyclists and walkers to enjoy a safe commute to the beautiful beach.

"They also have high sandy cliffs that make you feel like you're in the Mediterranean."

Victoria Beach. Victoria Beach. (Photo supplied by Travel Manitoba)

2. Albert Beach

This one is also one of the Beaches of 59. 

"Another great community with a lot of stores and restaurants to enjoy. Not quite as sandy as Victoria beach but still lovely waters and a chance to spend the day there is always fun."

3. Lester Beach

Recksidler says that water levels are still a little high here after the spring flooding.

"What I recommend is heading up to those beaches of 59, follow them on Instagram, and tuck into a beach that you've never been to. You've probably been to Grand Beach but try a few of those lesser known on HWY 59."

4. Clearwater Lake

"We are encouraging southerners in Manitoba to take to the highways and head north in our province. Clearwater Provincial Park is a true gem."

Recksiedler says the water is crystal clear blue. 

"It's a beautiful large park with lots of great hiking and it's totally worth that 6-7 hour drive if you're from southern Manitoba."

5. Oak Lake

"This is about 10 minutes just outside of Virden. It's quite a large lake in the region, one of the only ones there."

This beach is a short drive past Brandon, Man. and has been a family favourite for generations for people in the Westman area.

"It's a quaint cottage community, beautiful family-friendly beach, they have ice cream in the general stores and playgrounds."

Oak LakeOak Lake. (Photo supplied by Travel Manitoba)

6. Lake Manitoba

"Saint Ambrose is a lovely beach and it's super close to Winnipeg and Portage la Praire."

This lake is quite shallow and very sandy which makes it ideal for young children learning to swim. 

"Lake Manitoba's water and the sunsets are incredible as well."

7. Clear Lake 

This lake is located in Manitoba's only National park, Riding Mountain. 

"You cannot beat a summer at Clear Lake. The beach conditions and water levels are great this summer."

It's located in the beautiful town of Wasagaming which offers accommodations for those that have to drive from Winnipeg, which takes roughly 3 hours. There is also a full-service campground on the outskirts of the town near the beach.

"Get out on the sunset cruise at the pier. You can buy tickets online and it's a great way to learn about the history of the lake."

8. Pinawa Beach

"This is the second summer for their Hoopla Island, inflatable waterpark. It's like a bouncy castle on water and you have an hour just to rip around the obstacles, falling into the water, laughing and it's a hoot."

It's fun for kids and adults alike. 

"The scenery around Pinawa beach is probably prettier than you get in some provincial parks."

9. Kinsmen Beach

This beach is run by the town of Stonewall in their quarry park.

"There is an admission to it but it's well worth it supporting the community. It's super family-friendly and Stonewall is great little town to explore."

10. Minnedosa

Minnedosa beach. Minnedosa Beach. (Photo supplied by Travel Manitoba)

Recksidler says many people simply pass by the town of Minnedosa on the way to Riding Mountain National Park. 

"Take a moment to get off the highway and explore the town of Minnedosa. It's a very pretty valley town and the little Saskatchewan river snakes through it. It's a beautiful lake and there's always a lot of activity around the town itself. It's a hidden gem."

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