A young boy from Winnipeg is creating funky socks while giving back to the community at the same time.

Treyton Walcott recently started his own business at just 10-years-old called Super Socks. He sells socks covered in interesting designs, and then with each pair sold, he gives back to those in need.

"I always wanted to be an entrepreneur like my mom. I actually started thinking about this before COVID was a thing," he says. 

As Walcott considered what he could sell, socks came to mind. 

"I thought why not socks because they're funky and everything. I love funky socks."

Walcott works with a company that makes the socks and he gets to choose what design goes on the socks.

The designs range from food, like pizza and doughnuts, as well as flamingos and baseballs. 

"The company gives me a bunch of ideas of what to put on the socks. My favourite sock design is the doughnut or pizza, I can't decide," says Walcott.

In the original business plan, he knew that he wanted to help people, not just sell items.

"For every pair of Super Socks sold, a pair of warm, winter socks goes to Siloam Mission."

Walcott's reasoning to help was very simple.

"I checked their wishlist and saw socks on there so I thought why not help the needy by giving them what they need."

People interested can purchase a pair of Super Socks on Facebook or Instagram.