Pacey Wall has had many tough moments in his young 10-year-old life, but the Winkler native has not let that stop his push to help other kids who need it being named as Manitoba's Champion Child for 2023 by the Winnipeg-based hospital. 

After having more than 35 surgeries to treat intestinal failure, Wall has raised $34,000 for HSC Children's Hospital, more than triple his parent's goal of $10,000. Despite his circumstances, Wall never let that get him down, cracking jokes and making those around him laugh.   

Pacey Wall

Being grateful for all the help that he has gotten from the staff at HSC doesn't weigh lightly on Wall. "I will never forget anything that they've done for me to give me a better quality of life. I know I will continue to need them until I become a grown-up and I really hope that they can see that I am thankful for everything they do for me," Wall shared at the cheque presentation.

Finding creative ways to raise money on his own, between selling pizzas or his most profitable fundraiser, a raffle at a Winkler Flyers hockey game.

"I don't really like my parents helping me much because I think it means more if I do it myself. So I got them to drive me around to businesses in Winkler and Morden that I picked and I asked to speak to the managers to see if they would be willing to donate raffle prizes," Wall said.

Seeing Wall's passion for helping other kids inspires the President of the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, Stefano Grande.

"You've done so much for our foundation. You've done so much for a lot of kids, a lot of kids who you represent. Over 140,000 kids per year that come to our hospital. Kids like you who just need a little bit of help and you were an incredible voice,"  Grande said.