Ten people, including a three-year-old girl, are dead following a brutal attack on a Christian village in Nigeria.

An early-morning attack in Nigeria's Kaduna State by armed Fulani herdsmen was fatal for several villagers, the Christian Post reports.

Elizabeth Samaila, only three-years-old, died after suffering multiple lacerations to the head, delivered by a machete. She died earlier this week in hospital shortly after the attack took place, Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) said in a report.

"What is particularly unacceptable is that her death is the latest to occur in a series of attacks which continue unabated," says Mervyn Thomas, chief executive for CSW.

"Southern Kaduna is steadily being transformed into killing fields, either due to a gross failure of governance, or official indifference and acquiescence."

Nine others were also killed in the attack. They were buried in a mass grave after six of the individuals were identified.

all armed non-state actors and bring the perpetrators of these horrific atrocities to justice."

In the southern Kaduna state last year, two members of the Adara community, which is a majority-Christian ethnic group, shared their experiences of trauma and violence.

Alheri Magaji, daughter of the Adara Chief, says her tribe is now legally nonexistent.

"I spoke to a woman whose limbs were cut off. She had four kids and was nine months pregnant," Magaji says.

"Fulani herdsmen came to a Kajuru town in February, about 400 of them with AK-47s.

"We have 2-month-old babies, 6-month-old babies, babies in the bellies turned from their mother's womb and slaughtered like animals, like chickens," Magaji says.