32 are dead and a pastor's home and church have been burned down in persecutory attacks on Christians in Nigeria.

Reports indicate that the attacks last week in Nigeria's Plateau State were committed by Muslin Fulani herdsmen, according to Morning Star News and CBN News.

The church destroyed, Church of Christ in Nations, was located in a primarily Christian village at the end of last month.

Attacks began the evening of Jan. 16, 2020. Three communities in Bokkos County endured armed assaults by the Islamic militants.

Violence has reportedly been increasing in the Plateau state, where attacks also took place earlier last month.

The Sunday attacks killed 15 in Kwatas and another 17 were killed the next day in Marish and Ruboi villages. A pregnant woman is reportedly among those dead from the attacks.

One resident reported that five more people were injured in the attacks and several community homes were burned.

According to Kelly Kanang, who lives in the area, Fulani herdsmen were responsible for the violence in the communities located about nine miles away from Plateau State University.

A police spokesman, Ubah Gabriel Ogaba, confirmed the attack by "unknown gunmen" in the Kwatas community that left 13 dead and five wounded.

State Governer Simon Lalong responded to the attacks.

"My heart again bleeds by this tragedy as lives of innocent citizens are cut short for no reason," Lalong says.

Deputy Chairman of the Nigerian Senate Committee on Defense Istifanus Gyang says these attacks facing Christian communities raise questions on the protection of community residents by security agencies.

Nigeria is currently listed as the twelfth country on Open Doors' 2020 World Watch List for extreme persecution of Christians.