The City of Winnipeg is getting ready for one of the biggest garage sales of the season, except it's free.

May 11-12 is Spring Giveaway Weekend where residents can put items in front of their home for others to come and get for free. 

"Label them with a free sticker or something that identifies that this is something that you want to give away, and this gives somebody the opportunity who might need it to continue to use it," Michael Gordichuk, manager of Solid Waste Services for the City of Winnipeg says.

Not only does this help people get items for free, but Gordichuk says, "It's just another way to help us keep things from ending up in the landfill."

As far as what items are appropriate to put out, he says, "books, CD's, DVD's, furniture, electronics, artwork, mirrors. Sporting equipment and other popular toys, children's bikes, as long as they're functioning and and working properly."

As long as it's in good shape and usable, garden equipment and lawnmowers are also accepted to be put on the curb.

Gordichuk says that, "You want to avoid putting mattresses, bedding, and furniture for the fear of bed bugs. As well as items that are broken or unusable. Toilets that have a flush volume of 13 litres or more are also not accepted."

Once the weekend is over, anything left on the curb is to be brought inside as it won't be picked up by the normal garbage collection. 

The next Giveaway weekend will be happening on September 14-15, 2024.