Francesca Battistelli just released her new Christmas album, including a song for people who find this time of year less than joyful.

Battistelli's second Christmas album is called This Christmas and was released on October 23, 2020. Her first holiday album was released in 2012. 

The new album has many classics when it comes to Christmas tunes that people know and love, like 'Silent Night', 'Let it Snow!', and 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen'. 

However, the new record also has a song focused on the person who is having a hard time during the holidays. 

"I know that for many people, the Christmas season can be very difficult. My prayer is that these songs offer hope, glorify Jesus, bring joy (and maybe even some laughter!), and truly bless you, now and in the years to come," Battistelli tells Christian Beat.

Battistelli specifically sings about the person who lost a loved one and mourns during Christmas, and another who lost their job and finds the holiday overwhelming. 

The song is called 'Behold Him' and encourages listeners to focus on Christ and the meaning of Christmas. 

The record also includes more original songs like 'Christmas Valentine', and has a total of 14 songs on it.