After being involved in a fatal collision on Highway 52 in November, a couple experienced tangible community support and says they want to encourage the community to extend that same support to the Bool family.

Quinton Giesbrecht says he remembers driving down the highway around 10:30 p.m. on November 19 and passing the Kleefeld corner. He notes the next thing he remembers is waking up to people running and pulling him and his wife, Beth, out of their burning truck. Giesbrecht recalls not being able to get out of the truck by himself because he had several broken bones.

Giesbrecht notes it was a fatal collision and shortly after he was home from the hospital, the father of the 19-year old who died during the collision reached out to meet with him.

"We said, sure, we would love to meet you. He came to our place and we talked for about half-an-hour. He was definitely grieving. I couldn't really offer him anything except that we were praying for him and that we were so sorry this happened. I can't begin to know what he's experiencing except that it must be very horrible."

In terms of support, Giesbrecht says a friend set up a GoFundMe page in case there were expenses which went above and beyond what MPI would cover. As a result of injuries sustained there were additional expenses. He notes his wife had a difficult time sleeping on their bed because of her injuries and a portion of the GoFundMe monies went towards the purchase a new bed so she was comfortable.

On Sunday the Bool family faced another tragedy when their home burned. Giesbrecht says he heard and was saddened to know they were now facing a second tragedy in a three-month period.

"They've lost everything they have. One of the things that struck us is that, very likely, any memories they have of their son were in that house. I know he was a musician. I assume his guitar was in the house. Things that they would remember him by; pictures. Those things are gone and can't be replaced, no matter how much money they get from insurance or other sources."

Giesbrecht notes the father of the Bool family has not been working since the collision in November because he's been grieving and is not sure whether insurance covers loss of income.

He says the community now has an opportunity to come together to support and help someone else; to show them love in a tangible way. Giesbrecht notes there's a benefit to the community when it bands together and that benefit is a stronger community.

You can donate to the GoFundMe campaign for the Bool family here.

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