Christian groups are changing the atmosphere at protests in Hong Kong.

The hymn "Sing Hallelujah To The Lord", has become the unofficial anthem of the protestors, Shanghaiist reports, as Christians participate and call on authorities to stop the violence.

Christian leaders have been vocal about their opposition to the extradition bill in Hong Kong. Additionally, they have called for prayer from all Christians.

Joseph Ha Chi-shing, the auxiliary bishop of Hong Kong, delivered a tearful homily in which he spoke of his sorrow for the “rational, peaceful and moderate” young people that were instead treated with violence. “A young person should not face all this. I never thought that this could happen in Hong Kong,” said the bishop.

Hong Kong enjoys a high degree of religious freedom, but the same cannot be said of the Chinese mainland.

The government has removed religious symbols from places of worship, installed the national flag in their place and demolished many churches and mosques on the pretext that they were unregistered and therefore illegal.

Members of the Chinese Community Party are prohibited from having any religious faith, and party members found breaking this rule can be expelled.

With Christian participation in the protests against the extradition bill, those in Hong Kong hope to see violence towards protestors cease.