Despite losing paying jobs because of COVID-19, world-renowned violinist Rosemary Siemens says she's taking advantage of the forced downtime to encourage and inspire others.

Both Siemens and her husband, saxophonist Eli Bennett, have not only had gigs cancelled and postponed but have also been at home under self-isolation for almost two weeks.

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She says she recognizes that all the talk of COVID-19 and uncertainty around it makes this a scary time for people.

That's why, she says, she and Bennett have decided to keep putting out music.

"We haven't really panicked which is really good. I feel really thankful because we have the capability to record at our house, so we can keep working."

She says they're working even harder now that they're at home.

Siemens had already been posting videos of her performing hymns to a YouTube playlist called Sunday Hymn Serenade. She's reached over 10,000 subscribers on her channel, and she says now with the pandemic she's seeing a noticeable change in comments from viewers.

"I feel like there's much more need for this content. My husband produces the tracks, and so we've been recording a hymn almost every single day."

Siemens has decided to put out even more content now by adding a 'Worship Wednesday' with more modern Christian music.

"You know, honestly, this is such a horrible thing to go through, but I have to tell you, there's people that I have never really been able to share my faith with and it's giving me openings that I've never had before."

With people looking for hope and questioning now, she says she's glad to let people know that there is something greater that they can look to.

"I was just listening to my pastor speak as well, and he says you have to create a new rhythm. It might not be two weeks, it might be four weeks, or eight weeks - who knows right now. But take this time as a time to get closer to God and create a new rhythm with your family. ... When in life do you get to stop, reset, and just have that time? You don't, because life is so busy."

You can subscribe to her YouTube channel here, and find more info at her website.