The Heartland Quilters donated another 28 quilts to Siloam Mission last week.

This group of quilters from the Steinbach area gets together and make quilts for several different charities. One of those charities is Siloam Mission. Since 1987, Siloam Mission has provided meals, clothing, and hope services to Winnipeg's poor and homeless community.

Heartland Quilters has made 155 quilts to donate to charities throughout Manitoba since September. On Thursday, at an appreciation breakfast the mission held in Steinbach for donours and volunteers, the group presented another 28 quilts to Siloam Mission.

The mission gives the quilts to residence when they move into the Madison House, which is Siloam's transitional housing unit. For many people, Siloam says, this is the first gift that they've ever received. Once on their feet and able to have their own housing, the people take the quilts with them into their new homes.

Heartland Quilters pokesperson Doris Toews says it is a wonderful feeling to be able to provide quilts for the poor and homeless.

Toews refers to her group as artists that work with fabric. And she says a lot of that fabric has been donated by the community.

The Heartland Quilters became incorporated in 2013, but by then the group had already been quilting together for five years. They work out of the Quilters Playhouse, located east of Steinbach.