Psalm 90:12-17

Whatever you do, don’t lose this.

Picture of Tuit

I strongly suggest that you stop right now, print it, cut it out, and save it. It is your own special “tuit.” Because they are rare, you should lock yours up in a safe place. “Tuits” are not easy to obtain—especially the round ones. Wow...are they hard to find! You hear that people are looking for them all the time, but you seldom meet anyone who finds his. So—better hang on to this one. You’ll need it! 

OK, now that we all have our very own (round) tuit, many of our problems should be over. No longer will there be the necessity of such remarks as: 

“I should take care of that—and I will as soon as I get a (round) tuit.” 


“Just as soon as I get a (round) tuit, I’m going to finish that job.” 

No problem. Now you’ve got it! Fantastic, incredible, magnificent accomplishments can suddenly be achieved. Why, you might get that closet or garage cleaned out before the new could fix the leaky faucet or hinge on the cabinet door...or you might even get your bills paid and start the year in the black (watch out for a self-induced coronary brought on by shock, by the way). 

The possibilities are endless. You might be able to lose that extra weight or stop that needless habit. Once you’ve done that, you could free yourself from such mental anchors that proper priorities in your life might start to emerge. Big chunks could actually start falling into place. Your own (round) tuit will help plug the undisciplined and careless leaks in your time dike. Because it is round, it will roll over and crush your fixation on procrastination. At last! 

Sound pretty good? Think we can find some (round) tuits in the Bible? We talk about that in Part Two. 


Excerpted from Come Before Winter and Share My Hope, Copyright © 1985, 1994 by Charles R. Swindoll, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. Used by permission.