Danny MacKay is the national ambassador for I Am Second and E3 Partners. He spends everyday telling people about Jesus and has some tips on how we can, too. 

He was a runaway car thief. Then he met Jesus in the backseat of a stolen car, and his life has never been the same. "I remember a time in my life when I felt really hopeless," he says. "I thought no one cared about me, was struggling with drugs, and was just a real wild teenager."

At 17-years-old MacKay stole a car and ran away from home. In the backseat of the car was a book about the good news of Jesus. "I read it over the course of two days, and the power of the gospel, and how much it impacted me at the depths of that hopelesness and brokeness, my life was radically changed." MacKay says that the joy and hope he experienced in that moment made him want to spend the rest of his life telling others about Jesus.

Most Christians don't share faith

MacKay says that surveys have shown that 98% of Christians do not share their faith on a weekly basis. 

The reasons can vary. Some people may simple by shy or timid. Others might worry about being pushy.

"They cannot argue your story"

The most common reason for not sharing faith is that people worry about the response they'll encounter.

However, MacKay says the worst response he's ever received has been something along the lines of "No, thanks."

In fact, most people are open to hearing stories about faith. They might be adverse to coming to church or organized religion, but he says "every week we are consistently finding open people, all over. Jesus said it: 'the harvest is plentiful, the workers are few.'"

How to easily share faith

MacKay says that instead of engaging in debate about faith and God, a simple question opens the door to discussion about faith.

He says that when they send evangelism teams out, they simply introduce themselves to people and ask if they can pray for them. "We sort of clarify it with [asking] 'if God could do a miracle in your life, what would it be?'"

MacKay says that the responses to that question is amazing. "People are opening up and taking us right into the depths of their current brokeness and struggles." MacKay says they pray for those people and their requests right then and there. 

Tell your own story

Another easy way to share Jesus with people is to simply tell them your own story.

"People can argue theology, they can argue religion, they can argue creation versus evolution, and you can get into this debate, but they cannot argue your story.

"If your share an experience or a story how God has changed your life, or answered a prayer, or done a miracle, they can't argue that."

There's a lot of people who will open up and share their pain when they hear others' stories.

"Look for a worthy person"

Part of the reason so many people are willing to listen and engage is that God directs the right people along your path.

"When Jesus sent out his disciples (Matt. 10) he said 'look for a worthy person when you enter the village.' ... When he was sending them out to all the villages he was going to visit, he sent them out ahead of him. And he told them to keep their eyes open. To look for a worthy person.

"This is a search and rescue mission. Jesus said 'I came to seek and to save the lost.' I think as disciples that should matter to us, too. We should be seeking and helping save the lost. I think that's walking with your eyes open when you're going to WalMart, or the doctor, or going to work. I think we need to have our eyes open and be looking for those opportunities. And we should be asking God to create circumstances to create circumstances where we can share.

"It's not the lost's responsibility to come to us. It's our responsibility to go to them. So we have to learn how to jump the fence and start engaging with lostness, in a respectful, humble, but bold way."

That's why offering to pray for people is such a strong way to share your faith, MacKay says.

"You'll find that most times people are incredibly open. You just have to jump the fence."