“You never know what’s around the corner. You don’t know what’s out there. Don’t walk alone." 

Those are just some of the cautions given by the older sister of the 16-year-old girl who was abducted Sunday morning.

The girl was kidnapped while walking her dog along Ste. Anne's Road near Landmark. According to her sister, who will remain nameless for security reasons, a man in a truck approached her offering a ride. When she refused, the man allegedly left only to return moments later brandishing a six-inch long knife. Again, he told her to get into his vehicle, this time under threat.

The girl’s sister says the dog attacked the strange man but eventually stood down when he began shouting. She says that her sibling was then forced into the car and sustained minor lacerations during the struggle.

“When he had her in the back seat, he took her cell phone away and told her that he had been keeping an eye on her for a while already."

Allegedly, the assailant proceeded to swerve around the country roads for six or seven miles. Then, when the girl realized the vehicle had not been locked, she opened the door, jumped out, and ran to the nearest house. The homeowners attended to the girl’s wounds and contacted her parents as well as authorities.

“Once the guy took off with her, the dog ran home. My parents were really worried because it just stood outside staring at the door. Before they could begin looking for her they got the call that she had been abducted.

“She’s my little baby sister, and I’ve always been protective of her so to hear something like this is heartbreaking.”

The teen’s sister says it was horrible to see her sibling so traumatized, but remains confident she will pull through. “She’s a strong girl, I mean she jumped out of a moving truck, so she’ll be okay after a lot of help and counselling.”

Still, she issues powerful words of warning to people throughout the southeast: “Don’t walk alone no matter how safe you feel. This happened only 800 metres from her home and was a very close call.”

Meanwhile, the victim’s sister thanks both the Steinbach and St. Pierre RCMP Detachments for how they have handled the situation and how they have protected and comforted the family.