As COVID-19 numbers continue to rise in Manitoba, the province's chief medical officer is asking Manitobans to continue to get back to the "fundamentals" that gave Manitoba success early on in the pandemic.

Dr. Brent Roussin says, "I think we've lost track of what we call those fundamentals," such as practicing good physical distancing as well as hand washing, and not touching your face. He says that's resulted "in increased case activity."

On Sunday the province announced 72 new cases. Roussin did point out, however, that many of those came from communal living communities. He also says that "we want to try to focus not on purely case numbers." He says there are a number of indicators "that are important to look at."

Roussin says that he expects COVID-19 to remain in the province for at least two years, if not more and that as such Manitobans need to get used to hearing about new cases. That's why, he says, those fundamentals are so important.

"I think this is kind of that wake-up call, a bit, to Manitobans; that we're seeing increased numbers that we need to focus back on the fundamentals."

Roussin stresses that the province can't continue "prescriptive" shut down measures every time there's a spike in cases and believes following the province's recommendations and guidelines will continue to help Manitoba in the fight against COVID-19.

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