Adult and Teen Challenge Manitoba first launched their Community Outreach Office in Steinbach almost two years ago and are now making plans to move to a large space along Main Street.  

Daniel Emond, President and CEO of Adult and Teen Challenge Central Canada says,

"Right from the beginning, we knew that we would have to figure out a good plan to raise ongoing revenue support for operating the huge programs that we've started in Steinbach, particularly the long-term programs. So, we gave ourselves some adequate time to figure out what would be the best way forward and just to, kind of, let the community learn about and embrace a little bit of what we were doing, and in that process, we had a local businessman, and we're very thankful for him, come alongside us and offer us some space on (further down) Main Street to actually open an Adult and Teen Challenge Super-Thrift Store."

Emond notes what they have currently is a Mini-Thrift Store which was intended to be more of a donation drop-off location, but what they found was that there were a lot of people wanting to support Adult and Teen Challenge and so, 

"We've turned it into a place where people can come and get a really, really good deal on some clothing and other items and raise a little bit of revenue to cover the costs of the Steinbach Community Outreach Office, which has also been busy. So, between the Thrift Store and programming, the current space has been utilized to the fullest for the past two years, so that’s been really exciting."

Adult and Teen Challenge Mini-Thrift Store in SteinbacAdult and Teen Challenge Mini-Thrift Store in Steinbach

Emond says they’ve seen a real increase in people shopping at the Mini-Thrift store. "This year so far, I would say we’ve already had a 50 per cent increase in sales."

He appreciates the support of Steinbach and area residents and shares why he feels they have been so busy. 

"People tell us, 'We love coming to help support Adult and Teen Challenge' or 'We love coming to shop at the Mini-Thrift.' So it's definitely needed. We are confident that it's going to continue to be a success. There are already many people coming to the new location to see what we've been working on there."

Emond says he appreciates the local businesses that have stepped up and are helping support this project. 

"There are so many individuals and business owners who have stepped up to help change the lives of people in the community. They provided a location for the new Super-Thrift. Another business helped us with the renovation costs and the cost of getting the store set up. Then another business is helping us with getting the grounds cleaned up. There are three or four business owners and their families, and their employees that have come alongside us. To you we say, thank you."

"And for all the people that have been encouraging us, I just want to thank all of those people. We are really thankful for you, we couldn't do this without them."

Going forward, Emond shares, "We really, really need people’s ongoing support. This battle with addictions is not going away. It actually seems to get be getting worse, so we need to increase the level of hope. Adult and Teen Challenge Steinbach will always need ongoing donations. The Super-Thrift is going to need donations, and we will always need financial donations, food donations, et cetera. So, we really value your help."

Emond says, their new space at 354 Main Street will be big enough to house both their offices and space to operate a Super Thrift Store.

"We hope to be open by July 1st for people to come and shop the Super-Thrift and check out the new relocating community office space."