In partnering with International Justice Mission, Don Moen hopes to bring together a community of worshippers wanting to make a change.

Worship artists Don Moen, along with special guests Paul Baloche and Brooke Nicholls, will be performing on June 16 at Calvary Temple.

International Justice Mission (IJM) is sponsoring this tour in the hopes that Don Moen can help introduce more Canadians to the work that they do to try and help children who are being trafficked.

Back in 2008, Moen had a dream that God would use him to help children get out of the sex trade and ever since then he's been finding ways to partner with organizations to make that dream a reality.

His local church in Nashville works with IJM regularly and that is how Moen found the connection for this Worship for Justice Tour.

He looks forward to introducing people in Canada to IJM and maybe starting a movement to help children who are being trafficked.

"We are worshippers, and as a result of us being worshippers, God expects us to take what we experience in his presence in practical and tangible ways to those that need it so desperately," says Moen. "So, that's my heart and that's why we're partnering with IJM on this tour."

Moen may be a worship artist, but he refuses the title in a sense. He believes he's using his talents to carry out God's work by creating an atmosphere that welcomes the Lord's presence, where others can experience that presence.

"Finally, we can come together and worship, and I just think there's a hunger. There's a lot of hunger in people right now. God shook us to our core, a lot of churches did not survive and people have just become hungry for something new. I don't want to miss what God is doing, this whole has been, I think, a setup for God to do something new and fresh in our lives, in our cities and our homes."

Moen has recently released a new album, Worship Today, with covers of songs that are old and new, depending on the listener. He's also been working on another project called, by special request, Volume Three, which will possess songs Moen has sung in the past but never officially released them.

To purchase tickets for Don Moen's performance in Winnipeg on June 16, click here.

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