This year's Kid's Ministry Conference is aiming to keep ministry leaders anchored to Christ, the source of true strength.

Heidi Schartner is a part of the planning team for the conference. 

"When I first started my role as children's ministry leader I wasn't quite sure of all the resources available to make my work there as meaningful as possible. Someone mentioned this conference to me and I'm so thankful I checked this out."

Schartner says she received a lot of support from her home church. 

"Although I received that incredible support, it was also very good for me to be in the midst of people who understood this ministry. When you are working together with other children's ministry leaders, the goal is the same. We want to bring children to Christ."

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While working in a focused ministry, it can sometimes feel like you're doing it all on your own, according to Schartner. 

"At the conference, you were reminded that you are not alone. It's important to fill up your own spiritual tank."

The theme for this year's conference is Still Anchored. It will be on March 12 and 13.

"Whatever storm hits you, whatever is coming your way, the fact that we're still anchored in our Heavenly Father, we are not going to be cut loose, drift away, or crash into the rocks."

While the conference is online, Schartner says there will still be ways for participants to engage. 

"We're going to be talking about anxiety in kids, leadership and conflict, and if you're a good leader, like would someone want to follow you." 

 The focus of the conference is to equip, empower, and encourage those in ministry.

"This conference is more than just a bunch of volunteers putting their time into an event. We want to encourage those in ministry because we all need encouragement."

The planning committee has created the event so that it is more than just a person looking at a screen for hours in a day, and rather engage and learn from one another.