Manitobans are facing another sweltering day as Environment Canada continues to have most of the province under a heat warning.

The regions of York and Churchill are the only ones to not be under a heat warning as of 7 a.m. on July 2. The rest of the province is being warned to take the heat seriously.

In the south, including the City of Winnipeg, can expect daytime highs around 35 degrees or higher, and overnight lows in the high teens or low 20s. Combined with high humidity, it could feel closer to 40 degrees in many areas.

The extreme heat is expected to last through Saturday. The national forecaster says things should return to more seasonal temperatures on Sunday and into Monday.

Environment Canada has given several tips to prevent illness from the heat:

- Plan outdoor activities during cooler times of the day and take into account the COVID 19 restrictions.

- Take a cool shower or bath or take a break in a cool location, such as an air-conditioned building or a tree-shaded area.

- Stay out of direct sunlight and wearing loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing and a wide-brimmed hat or umbrella.

- Drink plenty of water, before you feel thirsty and stay in a cool place. If you must go out, take water with you.

- Keep your house cool. Block the sun out by closing curtains, blinds, and awnings during the day

- Never leave people or pets in a parked vehicle.

- Check on family, friends and neighbours. Check regularly on people living alone, especially older individuals or people with health conditions. Make sure they are cool and drinking water.

- Watch for the effects of heat illness: swelling, rash, cramps, fainting, and the worsening of some health conditions.