It was a challenging year for the city's less fortunate after Winnipeg experienced one of the coldest winters in over 110 years.

Ron Eldridge, a man who knows all to well what it's like to be homeless after living on the streets for several years himself, spent a majority of his winter reaching out to those in need.

Whether it be a gift card for a warm cup of coffee, or a bus ticket for a warm place to stay, Eldridge and his wife have been there to provide.

Eldridge is now preparing to hand out backpacks filled with personal hygiene items to those who need them most.

He says a backpack is a necessity for someone living on the streets...

Eldridge shares a story of how something as small as a backpack, can change a life...

Eldridge along with a few volunteers will hand out the bags over the Easter weekend.

Those interested in helping out, either by donating a backpack or by volunteering can call Ron at 204-880-5182.