Anne Graham Lotz says she is "praising God by faith that all is well" as she continues cancer treatments. 

The daughter of evangelist Billy Graham first announced her cancer diagnosis in September of 2018.

Graham Lotz posted a photo of her with her two daughters late last week while she was receiving chemotherapy. 

She thanked her followers for their payers over the last six months. "And thank God for his answers!" she added.

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Thank so much for your prayers! And thank God for His answers! Today my numbers were good so I didn’t have to have the painful neulasta patch. And my neuropathy is so bad they dropped one of my chemos. My beautiful daughters have been by my side every time. In a month I will begin 4 weeks of daily radiation while continuing one infusion every three weeks until October. This was the 7th dip in the “Jordan.” Praising God by faith that all is well.

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She said that in the latest round of treatment she was able to forgo a painful part of the process. "Today my numbers were good so I didn’t have to have the painful neulasta patch."

In March the evangelist and author is expected to begin four weeks of radiation treatment.

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