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Building habits is not always easy, and the results at the beginning are not that exciting. But a while later, you look back and realize the habit you've created is apart of your daily life and the results are phenomenal and increasing. 

This is the same with the habit of saving and investing. Setting money aside feels like sacrifice at the beginning and the financial growth in the first few years is not much to write home about.
But it gets there. 

As you continue putting money away for the future, it'll get easier and easier.
And as you let that money compound year over year, your annual returns will get better and better. 
And as your money grows and grows, your investment opportunities increase and improve, allowing you to earn even more, and find financial freedom. 
But you'll never get to that point if you don't start. 

What's my point? I have two. 

1) If you're an early investor, keep putting money aside and allow it to grow. The results will come. If you stop putting up the money or you withdraw it, you won't get to the position of the seasoned saver/investor whose opportunities increase and get better. 

2) If you've been saving for a while and have built a healthy pool of saved and invested money, you have more investment options available to you. I encourage you to look for new opportunities. They are there for you. Opportunities that will increase your annual returns without increasing your risk, or options that will decrease your risk without impacting your annual returns. 

At Fresh Ground Financial, we help you grow your money. Whatever position you find yourself in, we can direct you to quality investing opportunities that are right for you.


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