In an answer to prayer, Asia Bibi has been quietly released from her prison in Pakistan. 

Mission Network News (MNN) is reporting that the Christian mother was freed from prison at midnight local time.

Since Pakistan's Supreme Court acquited Bibi of blasphemy charges the country has been embroiled in protests and threats on Bibi's lif, and the lives of others involved in her case.

As a result, she had not been to leave the prison where she had been.

Forgotten Missionaries International's Bruce Allen told MNN that "at first there were news blackouts in Pakistan from local news TV media outlets, but still it was being reported on the web… She has been transferred from the prison to another site to be able to be ready to fly out of the country.”

Previously Pakistan's government had made a deal with leaders of the protests that Bibi would not be permitted to leave the country. That deal was made in hopes of ending the protests. 

Allen says that the government has taken her off the exit control list now, however.

Whether she is actually able to leave the country safely or not remains to be seen.

Christians prepare for backlash

And while it's another step closer to freedom for Bibi, her release could mean trouble for Pakistan's Christians.

Allen says that Christians in the country should make sure they are well stocked with necessities so they do not have to leave their homes. 

He urges Christians around the world to not only pray for Bibi and her family, but for those involved with her case, and for the protection of Christians.