A local music therapist is sharing her version of 'Away in the Manger (Sweet Jesus)' as a reminder of Jesus' humble beginnings.

"This is a lullaby I have loved to sing," says Barbara Joy. "It's often sung by children and I just felt like I wanted to do it as an artist, and add something contemporary to it."

The song carries much nostalgia for many church-goers, including images of little kids dressed as angels, wise men, or camels, says Joy.

"Some of the big words in that chorus are 'wise men came worshipping.' We're always learning and growing in our worship. It's a fabulous Christmas song that brings you right back to that Christmas Eve night."

Joy played the song for her church in Oakbluff a few weeks ago during one of their advent services. 

When it comes to the things Joy loves the most about Christmas, she says, 'The family gatherings, the Christmas carols, and the lights."

The simplicity of this Christmas carol reminds Joy of the beauty that Jesus brings to the season. 

"The King of all kings coming in such a humble way, and yet he's our Messiah, our Saviour, our Emmanuel. It's hard for us to get our heads around that. It's unbelievable and I think it always will be for mankind."