Normally a new year means new goals or a fresh start.

Dr. Rebecca Taylor who is an assistant professor of counselling at Colorado Christian University helps make goals more attainable, with a bit of a mind shift. 

"Normally when we're making goals, we're fixating on one part of ourselves. Even if you think about it, we're typically not very holistic or curious about ourselves, we're typically trying to make some improvements. Fixating on one thing which typically denies other parts of ourselves," Dr. Taylor shared.

Often, Dr. Taylor has seen ambitious goals, that haven't received the desired results.

"I would say because of the fixation, let's take health for an example, a lot of times, people are picking their health and they're picking very black and white goals, like I want to lose weight or eat healthier, whatever they mean by that. They're typically not very curious goals," she explained.

Trying to combat that, Dr. Taylor tries to make holistic and curious goals that will work for our entire system.

"When we make goals, we want to make sure that those goals make sense for every aspect of who we are, not just one part of us," she continued.

"If you don't see the results that you want, often you'll blame yourself versus what about being curious about what's going on with our body and how do we feel in our body?" 

Instead of setting a goal to lose a specific amount of weight, taking into consideration and being curious about what foods can be made to stay more full, or what activities are more fun.

For Dr. Taylor, that meant jumping rope more last year. 

"You just need to be curious to find answers," she shared.

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