Two grade 12 students at Linden Christian School are thrilled to be a part of the upcoming Beauty and the Beast musical, the first production in four years. 

"One of the things we've tried to do as much as possible at the school is select productions that will fit our student body," says Matt Janzen, the English teacher at Linden Christian School, one of the directors of this year's Beauty and the Beast musical. "We also wanted to pick a classic story."

This is the first production the school is putting on since the pandemic shut things down for Linden Christian. They ended up cancelling four previous productions due to restrictions. 

"The thing that's different about our Beauty and the Beast is the staff and students behind it," says Daunte Byfield, the grade 12 student cast as the Beast. "Everyday you get to show up to rehearsal, work with people, and make lifelong memories. We all get to enjoy the gifts God has given us."

The production takes place at Linden Christian School May 10-12 in the evening. Tickets go on sale as of April 3 and can be purchased at 

"I feel like I can relate to her [Belle] in the sense that she has big dreams, and she longs for more, for adventure," says Gracie Fast, the grade 12 student cast as Belle. "Also how she's not willing to live her life as it is. She's willing to make her dreams happen."