Last night was nothing short of magical as Petra took the stage at Calvary Temple in Winnipeg for their Best For Last tour.

As one of the pioneers of Christian rock, Petra has been touching lives and making music for 50 years, and last night was a testament to their enduring legacy.

The energy was palpable even before the concert began. Fans arrived early, eager to secure the best spots, and the line wrapped around the building as anticipation built. It was clear that Petra's music had left an indelible mark on generations of fans.

The moment John Schlitt, the band's dynamic vocalist, stepped onto the stage, the crowd erupted into applause. Schlitt's powerful voice, which has been a cornerstone of Petra's sound for decades, was as strong and captivating as ever. The band opened with "This Means War!," a high-energy anthem that set the tone for the night.

A crowd lines up on a sidewalk wrapping around the side of a large churchThe crowd showed up early and wrapped around to the back of Calvary Temple. (Harold Giesbrecht)

As the concert progressed, Petra took the audience on a journey through their extensive catalog. They performed hits like "Jekyll & Hyde," and "More Power to Ya," each song resonating with the audience and bringing back memories for long-time fans. The band also played "Lord, I Lift Your Name on High," reminding everyone of the heart and soul of their music.

Throughout the night, the band shared stories and reflections from their 50-year journey. They spoke about their mission to spread the message of hope and faith through music, and how it has been a rewarding and humbling experience. The band's legacy is also marked by numerous awards, including four Grammy Awards and 10 Dove Awards, a testament to their impact on Christian music.

One of the most memorable moments was when the band performed "Beyond Belief," a song that has become synonymous with Petra's message of faith and perseverance. The crowd sang along, and for a few minutes, it felt like time stood still as everyone was united in a shared experience of worship and celebration.

The concert concluded with an encore that left everyone on a high note. Petra's performance was not just a concert but a celebration of a musical journey that has spanned five decades. As the band left the stage, the crowd was buzzing with excitement, already reminiscing about the night and looking forward to what Petra will bring in the future.

For those who were there, it was a night to remember—a night filled with incredible music, heartfelt stories, and a powerful reminder of the impact Petra has had on the world of Christian rock. Here's to 50 years of Petra and many more to come!