Lighthouse Mission's Expansion

Peter McMullen shared the remarkable journey of Lighthouse Mission, which recently expanded unexpectedly. The mission acquired a building to establish a detox centre, providing critical support to those struggling with addiction. This expansion underscores the community's dedication to helping its most vulnerable members. Read more

Paul Maurice's Stanley Cup Wish

Paul Maurice, celebrating his Stanley Cup victory, expressed a heartfelt wish for the Winnipeg Jets to bring the cup home next. His sentiments resonate with local fans, fostering a shared dream of triumph and unity in the city. Read more

From NICU to Raising Thousands for Sick Kids: Winnipeg Mennonite School Student Gives Back

A Winnipeg Mennonite School student, once a NICU patient, is now raising thousands for sick kids. This act of giving back highlights the transformative power of gratitude and the impact one person can have on many lives. Read more

Transforming Lives Through Faith

Faith Academy's valedictorian delivered a moving speech, emphasizing trust in God's will. This message of faith and perseverance inspires hope and confidence in the future among students and the broader community. Read more

Community Beautification Efforts

Winnipeg high school students are making a tangible difference by beautifying Harvest Manitoba's community garden. Their efforts not only enhance the environment but also strengthen community bonds and promote a sense of pride and ownership. Read more

Supporting Active Transportation

The Forks' free bike check service is boosting active transportation in the city. This initiative encourages healthy living and environmental stewardship, demonstrating Winnipeg's commitment to sustainable practices. Read more

MBCI Teacher Honored

An MBCI teacher received an award from the Prime Minister, recognizing their outstanding contribution to education. This accolade reflects the high standards of teaching and the dedication to nurturing the minds of future generations. Read more

Spreading Love and Faith

CeCe Winans celebrated 40 years of marriage, attributing their enduring love to God's unconditional love for humanity. Her story is a testament to the power of faith in sustaining and nurturing relationships. Read more

Inspiring Global Faith

At the 2024 World Championship game, an NBA coach put God front and center, showcasing his faith on a global stage. This bold declaration of belief serves as an inspiration to many, reinforcing the importance of spirituality in everyday life. Read more

Inmate Worship Opportunities

A deaf inmate was able to worship thanks to a fellow prisoner passionate about sharing Jesus and His word. This act of compassion highlights the profound impact of faith and the importance of inclusive worship opportunities. Read more