Teaching is something that came naturally to Andrew Hiebert, and after over three decades in the profession, the MBCI teacher has been recognized on a national level.

Earlier this month, Andrew Hiebert was presented with the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence in STEM. One of the most significant accolades for Canadian educators, this award recognizes Hiebert's commitment to student engagement and his ability to cultivate a dynamic and inspiring learning environment. 

"Just being nominated for this award is an incredible honour, " said Hiebert. "And then to win is absolutely a staggering honour."

Hiebert started his career in teaching over three decades ago. His father was a teacher, inspiring Andrew to become one himself. 

"I was surrounded by good teachers in my family, and in high school, I also found that I was really good at helping people understand various things in different courses," said Hiebert. "I just realized that God had given me a gift for teaching, and it just seemed to work well, and I love doing it."

Currently, Hiebert teaches Grade 11 and 12 chemistry, Grade 12 physics and Grade 8 science. Administrators at MBCI say Hiebert's' creative and innovative teaching methods, alongside his passion for igniting curiosity and problem-solving skills, have equipped generations of students with a love for learning. 

"My absolute favourite thing is watching kids get it, and going from the state of being confused to a state where the light bulb just goes on and they understand," Hiebert explained. "It gets even one step better when they get excited and inspired to sort of race deeper into whatever the topic is. Those are the moments when I feel the magic is happening, and it's just incredible."

Hiebert says God has played a huge role in his teaching journey.

"I think God has helped me by providing me with the energy and the compassion when I don't necessarily automatically feel it," said Hiebert. "I realize I'm just a player in a much bigger story and I am just sort of following along and following the spirits leading and watching unfurl in front of me and it's amazing."

Hiebert encourages anyone who feels they have the gift of teaching to take the leap. 

"For people who are enthusiastic and have an understanding of science and a love for others and a gift, the world needs people like that," said Hiebert. "These kids need to learn from people like that so they can realize that it's fun and it means something. God has got this cool universe that they get to peek into and then play a role in. It's an amazing place for God to use your gifts and the world is desperate for truth and inspiration."

A total of 17 teachers were awarded the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence.