RCMP are confirming that two young adults have died following a devastating tornado in Manitoba.

On Friday evening, a tornado tore through the area of Virden, Manitoba, approximately 273 km West of Winnipeg. 

RCMP say the tornado touched down at Highway 83 and Road 50N, creating damage to property in the area.

RCMP say that vehicles were thrown during the tornado. Two 18-year-olds, one man and one woman, were found dead near each other from one vehicle, and a 54-year-old man was found injured inside another vehicle.

Manitoba's Premier, Brian Pallister, says he is praying for those affected.

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to the residents of Virden and the emergency responders dealing with the aftermath of the Tornado - please stay safe," he writes on Twitter.

Storm hunters who were on the scene say the tornado was "incredible." Manitoba Storm Chasers says "our sincerest condolences go out to the family members of those lost yesterday and any and all others affected" in an online post.

"Major tornado here, south of Virden, Manitoba," storm chaser Aaron Jayjack can be heard shouting in a video posted to Twitter.

Jayjack says in the video the tornado touched down around 8:07 p.m. Friday.

"Wow, incredible tornado," Jayjack commented.


— Ted Laatz, MBA (@Ted_Laatz) August 8, 2020

At the time of filming the video, Jayjack explains the tornado is in a farmer's field across the road. When it passes, he says he plans to check in on a nearby family home close to where the tornado hit.

Tornado warnings were issued in two Manitoba R.M.'s last night, including Pipestone and Sifton.

The tornado was documented in several other tweets posted online.

Dustin Freeman, who has documented several prairie storms online, says the tornado touched down around seven kilometres from Virden.

August 7, 2020 - 806pm - 7 miles south of Virden MB #mbstorm pic.twitter.com/49H224NXIc

— Dustin Freeman (@DusterMB) August 8, 2020

Sean Schofer also documented the tornado with several photos online.

South of Virden this evening. #mbstorm.@RadarOmega_WX @PrairieChasers pic.twitter.com/MrQxh2fIVw

— Sean Schofer (@SeanSchofer) August 8, 2020

More tornado footage from a few minutes ago. #mbstorm @RadarOmega_WX @PrairieChasers pic.twitter.com/5pbjXO7pWv

— Sean Schofer (@SeanSchofer) August 8, 2020

Rescue pulling up now. #mbstorm @RadarOmega_WX @PrairieChasers pic.twitter.com/Id0zKUftLJ

— Sean Schofer (@SeanSchofer) August 8, 2020

Clean up has begun in Virden to deal with the tornado's wreckage.

STARS Air Ambulance was dispatched to the Virden area last night but no further details have been made available.

On Friday evening, Manitoba Hydro began working to restore power to a 20-mile area ranging from Scarth to Oak Lake.

As of Saturday morning, all but six customers had been restored.

A Twitter post made by Manitoba Hydro indicated the tornado missed critical transmission but a number of wooden poles have needed to be replaced for power to be restored.