Winnipeg is not expecting more snow, but strong winds will continue to be an issue for travellers.

Environment and Climate Change Canada Meteorologist Alysa Pederson says Winnipeg has seen the last of the snowfall, but strong winds will continue to pose a problem.

"Tonight the drive home looks to still be pretty blustery," Pederson says. "The snow has ended, but the blowing snow is expected to continue through this evening, ending as the winds ease tonight and overnight."

Highway conditions will be affected by the blowing snow, including in the Red River Valley.

A blizzard is still possible for the city, as the same system moving North Dakota is creating blizzard conditions. Pederson says if winds pick up past the expected 60-70 km/hour, it'll create a blizzard.

"The weather tomorrow should just be pretty clear and pretty cold."

Temperatures will be in the -20s on Wednesday, feeling more like -33 with the windchill throughout the day.

Pederson says highways could be icy on Wednesday. On Friday, the same stormy conditions will return with less snow and temperatures reaching a high of -5.


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