While Phillip Calvin McGraw, AKA Dr. Phil often has other people on stage talking about their lives, he recently sat on stage to share his own testimony.

"I was in Oklahoma City and my dad was in the oil business," says Dr. Phil during a video interview with Trinity Broadcasting Network. "He spent a lot of time entertaining. As a result, he got to drinking really hard and it got the best of him. He got fired from his job for drinking." 

As a well-known TV psychologist, Dr. Phil has made a career of digging deeper into people's history and lives to uncover issues in hopes of helping. During a recent interview with TBN McGraw took to his own stage to share how he met the Lord. 

"I was thrown a paper route and I would get up at 4:00 in the morning. I would throw it after school as well. We were members of the Village Baptist Church."

During this tumultuous time in his adolescence, McGraw found a saving grace.

"That's when I met the Lord and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. I remember it like it was yesterday because that was a big step for me at 13 years old because I didn't have a lot of leadership at that point. I think the Lord led me in that direction. Fortunately, I was exposed to it and so I made that decision at the time."

Many of McGraw's friends were curious about his decision and the church he attended. 

"It was a serious decision for me because I was very analytical. That was a big step of faith for me. I didn't do it just because that's what you do at that age. I had to really think this through. I spent a lot of time with the minister and youth pastor."

During that time McGraw read the entire Bible to analyze what he was committing to. McGraw shares he continues to learn. 

"It's a journey. You don't ever get there."

McGraw also recently sat down in a video interview with Dr. Jordan Peterson to discuss McGraw's new book We've Got Issues in which he talks about free speech, faith, and values.