Booth University College is on the move. 

The private Christian university college is relocating its operations to a heritage building at 290 Vaughan Street. 

“There is great anticipation around the purchase of 290 Vaughan Street and the opportunities afforded us by this move,” said Booth UC President, Rev. Dr. Rob Fringer.

This move will allow the school to expand their operations and elevate its standard of education. 

“This space will facilitate innovation in learning and teaching across multiple platforms and modalities,” noted Dr. Linda Schwartz, Booth UC Vice President Academic & Dean, “and foster learning engagement within a purposeful, relevant and rich environmental hub of learning communities—from undergraduate scholars to learning professionals—here in Winnipeg’s core, across Canada and beyond.”

Booth University College originally purchased the building at 290 Vaughan Street at the end of 2002. They went on to sell it to the Salvation Army College for Officer Training in 2006. Since that time, Booth UC has continued to rent space in the building for the John Fairbank Memorial Library and Petersen Hall. Now, Booth UC will purchase it back and relocate from 447 Webb Place. 

The new location at 290 Vaughan Street will be named the Waldron Building in honour of the late Commissioners John and Helen Waldron, who played a critical role in the establishment of Booth UC. 

“Booth UC’s move to the new Waldron Building will help us to better serve the community and meet our aim of ‘Education for a Better World.’ Our commitment to Winnipeg and to education is unwavering, and we look forward to many more years of service to both," said Dr. Rob Fringer.

Booth UC will continue its operations at 447 Webb Place until the end of June 2024 as they complete renovations at the new location.

The largest renovation to the new Waldron Building will be the creation of a bistro in the basement. “We want to create an inviting, casual space where people feel accepted, comfortable, and safe,” stated Angie Coe, Booth UC Hospitality Manager. “This establishment will be open to the public and give those in the downtown area another affordable and inviting dining option.”

Providence University College has purchased the building at 447 Webb Place and will move in the fall of 2024, offering a downtown campus for Winnipeg students.